Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Logitech Revue 3.1 update


All the Logitech Revue are waiting for over amonth for the 3.1 Honeycomb update, also me.

The Logitech forum is full of angry Revue owners, having the 2.1 Version while all the Sony users enjoy Honeycomb.
I looked every day in the forum and the Logitech blog, but no update, only hundrets! of angry and disappointed users and posts.

Yesterday, I thought, lets make a photoshop exercise, fun, hot wires to the Logitech support and .. .fun.
The result was like unleash an avalanche.

Now step by step:

  •  a picture from TV with my Nexus S showing the real 2.1 Version:

  •  a photoshop 3min exercise:

  • the 3.1.0 fake looks a little bit too clear - took one more picture without flash from my notebook screen, now its ready to publish:

  • Made a new user dogomax (suspended now :) and published in the Logitech Forum:

nearly 6000 views 24h later

The dubious, some Blogs, like engadget, techcrunch and a few more swallowed the duck:

The good, Logitech and Google announced some hours later that the REAL update is rolling this week:

The really strange is that no Logitech moderator said it would be a fake, it seems that the communication to the customer is bad.

Maybe it was fortune that the update got announced some hours later, but I hope more the pressure of the users calling the hotline, Logitechs losing face because engadget techcrunch phandroid droidmatters and so on posted, it would be rolled out now.